Although our 360 degree interactive tours of interiors are impressive on their own, we also have the ability to add "Mattertags". These lollipops can be added to the model we create to showcase interesting or important features of the interior. For example, you may want to show that the flooring is of a special type of material or the kitchen contains a top of the range oven. 

The lollipops can be different lengths and colours and can be placed anywhere within the model. The examples in the video below show how when clicking on the tag, a text description appears for the user to read. Look out for another blog post in the future which shows how Mattertags can also be used to embed both images and video to really enhance that user experience.

Highlighting Mattertags using Higgihaus model

Many thanks to Higgihaus for allowing us to use their model scan to show how Mattertags work in the above model.